Style File – Feed your skin

Try a little outer nutrition from the experts of inner health

What if you could help reprogramme your skin to look, feel and act younger? What if you could see visible results in a matter of weeks? Introducing Skin Activator Daily Replenishing Cream, £34.75 from Herbalife.

Nutritional specialist and expert in vitamin and herbal products, Herbalife has created a totally new skincare product whose active ingredients actually ‘feed’ the skin.

Using key ingredient glucosamine, Skin Activator actually ‘instructs’ your skin cells to behave like young skin by actively supporting the body’s natural production of collagen, gradually fading fine lines and wrinkles.

In GMTV’s scientifically controlled experiment (five journos and a producer can’t be wrong!), our skin looked firmer in weeks, while Skin Activator‘s three other powerful, natural ingredients – anti-oxidant green tea, moisturising almond oil, and sugar – added a freshening feel to our complexions.

Because Skin Activator does not contain retinol or hydroxy acids that often cause harsh side effects or irritation, our skin was also left unusually blemish-free – naturally.

Skin Activator is available exclusively from independent Herbalife distributors.