Nine everyday things you’re doing wrong our routines are usually pretty dull aren’t they we performed so many small actions every day that we never asked ourselves if there’s a right or wrong way to do them it would be a great idea to pay for attention please think to make all the positive changes in your life for instance did you know how to close an open bag of chips in the Japanese way to figure this trick out.

    9 Everyday Things You Are Doing Wrong

9. Using too much soap in the shower 

Arthur becomes drier as the age and so seeing an astringent only makes it work try to use the minimum amount of soap and only unnecessary areas that have been sold soapy water running down your body is more than enough to stay clean 

8. Working without Planning 

Your respirator we all have our most productive work time during those hours it seems easier to concentrate feel alerted and inspired and as a consequence achieve great results the problem is you don’t try to find our productive hours we don’t take advantage of them you’re motivated and focus from 11:00 to 1:00 don’t take a break at 12 always plan your rest rate so they don’t kill your productivity 

7. Answering your boss’s Messages 

You need to set boundaries forcing work in private life psychologists say we should never discuss work problems or bring professional relationships instant messaging  because we consider them as something personal also when you use what’s happen your relationships your superiors at work they can see if you receive and read their last message but chose with your them 

6. Adding oil to the pasta Water 

We all know this trick however adding oil city water prevents the salty sticking to the pasta to put the perfect pasta and prevent it from sticking together just use the right amount of water four cups of water for 3.5 ounces of dry pasta and six cups of water for 3.5 ounces of fresh pasta 

5. Drying your hands using paper Towels 

Have you ever wondered how much paper we use to dry our hands in public toilets millions of pounds there is a simple thing we also do to care about our planet just shake your hands thoroughly before drying them with paper towels you may be audience but it does help save the world  

4. Breathing with your Chest 

Concentrate on breathing using the diaphragm not the chest proper oxygenation conclude your nervous system helps lower blood pressure reduces inflammation and pain includes overall physical health and keeps stress away if you learn to breathe correctly it will also help you manage your emotions 

3. Brushing your Teeth 

With only horizontal Movements Brushing your teeth with horizontal movements only and forgetting the frost or probably the most common form of period to take proper brushing of the teeth involves short vertical movements always performed from the gums to the edge of the juice however expression keep horizontally is also necessary and one more thing proper brushing should taste food agree minutes unfortunately the vast majority of us ignore the simple rule - 

2. Starting to exercise without Preparation 

Remember that exercising too hard and keeping warm up the corporation on your body always includes warm-up and flexibility exercise within your workouts and increase efficiency graduations to avoid injuries don’t forget to do stretching exercises at the end of your workout 

1. Leaving a bag of chips Open 

some people use clips to seal those half-eaten bag of chips and others just leave them folded an app hoping that the bag won’t open there’s a better way to deal with those bad first flatten out the top of the bag next fold over the top one fold three more times to make opening flaps is hittin away with your thumbs tucked into the corner flat then hold the two top corners hold the top of the bag the other way this method was inspired by origami a Japanese technique of folding paper to create object did you enjoy watching these daily life strips hit the like button below help us make more useful.

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