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5 Best Tips to lose face fat, How lose face fat - Health4us

5 Best Tips to lose face fat, How lose face fat what is going on everybody I’m wicked excited to start the second half of grind 360 right so I am at my parents house with the dogs gonna let them out and then we are going to talk about how to lose face fat how to get rid of the chubby cheeks because like many of you I’m sure I hold quite a bit of fat in my face that’s the first place it goes on that’s the first place it comes off it is a beautiful day in Ocean City Maryland let me tell you oh my goodness all right guys I don’t want dilly-dally with this  I want to dive right into it cuz I want you guys to know what’s going on with the chubby cheeks and everything else that you’re trying to lose well if you’re like me you store a lot of body fat in your face that was probably the most noticeable part of my weight loss transformation was the difference in my face so if that is you I’m gonna cover five steps 5 Best Tips to lose face fat, How lose face fat on exactly how to lose face fat and some other tips and tricks that I learned all along the way of my weight loss transformation to help you lean out your face so  that I want to cover is you lose face fat as a result from losing overall body fat okay any of you guys who have ever heard of spot reduction spot fat reduction and stuff like that that doesn’t exist that’s not a thing you can’t just lose fat in your face or your arms or your legs you can’t just target one area that you’ll lose body fat in okay your face fat your arm fat your lower body fat that’s all gonna come off along the process of losing overall body fat in other words you can’t say in the middle of your weight loss journey that okay I want to lose some face back this week I’m gonna do this this this and that to lose face fat that’s not how it works you have to lose fat all around your body first we all have Step number one

1. Different bodies and different Rates

5 Best Tips to lose face fat, How lose face fat Different bodies and different Rates of losing body fat so when you’re losing this body fat it’s going to come off of different places first mine was personally my face because that’s the first place it got stored and that’s the first place that it left was my face so it’s drastically important that you understand the process of losing weight as a whole instead of just losing face fat because that’s not how it works you’ve got to be in the calorie deficit get in your workouts whether it’s cardio whether it’s weightlifting get in your workouts eat the calorie deficit and be consistent just know that the leaner you get the more places it’s gonna start to come off step number two 

2. Stop doing those facial Exercises 

Stop doing those facial Exercises that tell you that you’re gonna lose weight on your face if you use all these different products for chewing on and for doing these weird exercises that people are gonna say oh this leans out your face no no like 5 Best Tips to lose face fat, How lose face fat I think it’s making a difference from my face right now it doesn’t feel like it’s doing that much but if all of the celebrities are doing it and one endorses it that means I gotta probably do it if anything it might build up your face muscles if that’s a thing I have no idea but it’s not gonna make your face leaner you only get leaner from step one which is getting to a lower body fat so please stop doing those facial exercises they are in no way helping you they are simply making you look silly step number three 

3. Drink more water not Alcohol 

Drink more water not Alcohol so what’s the deal with being hydrated why don’t we want to be hydrated well we want to be hydrated it specifically for face fat reduction because when you are bloated or when you’re really dehydrated your body sends a lot of your water to the outermost part of your skin so therefore for somebody like me who stores fat in their face when I’m dehydrated my face bloats up and then I feel bloated that’s what bloating is so drink more water because when you’re hydrating your body isn’t forcing all that water to the outermost part of your skin so drinking all that water actually flushes your system in a lot of ways that’s why I go through a gallon day literally every single day it’s part of my routine and alcohol dehydrates you so it’s basically forcing all that water to the outside of your skin it bloats you up and remember 5 Best Tips to lose face fat, How lose face fat if you’re like me the first place it goes is my face that’s not everybody but a lot of people have a lot of face fat issues and that’s because they are like me so when you are dehydrated when you are bloated a lot of the times it goes to your face which is not we’re looking for it’s def never for if you’re a dude lose the beard rock the scruff Jackson you must step number 4

4. Practice what you Preach 

Practice what you Preach shave that beard and show the people what you are talking about do you see what this did to my face do you see how much leaner my face is now that’s the power of lose the beard go for the scrub so Real Talk though guys if you’ve got a wide face like I do or like I have had in the past having a beard just makes it seem wider when if you have a little bit of scruff it actually Slim’s your face down because it’s like a shadow like a five o’clock shadow that’s what’s going on so it makes your face seemed thinner and there’s just less volume coming off of your face to make it look thicker ladies you do not need to pay attention to this tip unless you are the woman in the greatest showmen that was a sick movie though I’ve even seen greatest showmen check that out that it’s a dope movie step number five is gonna be 

5. Eat the right Foods 

If you eat foods wicked high in sodium and then you’re chugging all that water and everything you’re gonna feel bloated okay if you eat a ton of refined cards I know for me like sugary cereals are like really salty chips or something like that that’s gonna make me a little bit more bloated and in turn affect my face and make my face feel a little bit more bloated you know I still make room for them cheddar sour cream ruffles cool yeah but actually though like if you’re eating foods wicked high in sodium and wicked high in refined carbs and then you’re chugging all that water you’re gonna blow it up like a balloon so if you sure to include 80% of your diet just like I’ve talked about in my others videos with wholesome nutritious foods lean meats vegetables fruits all those kinds of things and then have 20% for your cheddar sour cream ruffles for your cookies for whatever you want in that you have to have a pop-tart it doesn’t matter make room for the fun stuff or you will go crazy we’re building habits and that we’re not on a ten week diet program for grind 360 guys remember that include something that you really can’t live without and love every single day but 5 Best Tips to lose face fat, How lose face fat I hope that this was kind of able to give you some tips and maybe tricks to be able to understand what’s making your face so bloated how to get the weight off of your face which is just consistency losing weight and some tips to be able to cheat the system lose the beard stop doing those stupid facial expression things and get yourself the lean face that you deserve this was fun I enjoyed this oh boy I’ll tell you what I love that song  right there but I also hate that sumbitch right there so we’re at alright guys we were at one eighty five point six so we are gonna write that right here we need a five point six pounds above him alright guys it’s time for a physique update let’s see where we’re at so this is by far I think the more at the most progress that we’ve had so far into week six feeling really good so guys you tell me the scale changed one pound since last week but I feel so much leaner so what does that mean that means that was really consistent with my lifting this week that might be lean muscle mass because we can put on muscle and a calorie deficit don’t let people tell you that you can’t it’s fully possible still a little bit more complicated but that’s why we can’t base everything off the scale especially 5 Best Tips to lose face fat, How lose face fat when we’re getting this lean so week six this is where we’re at okay guys we just went out with my parents to a restaurant in Ocean City actually called antipasti and it is like the best Italian restaurant I’ve ever personally eaten that I get the filet and they can put this garlic rub on it and it is dangerous so it was delicious it comes with like garlic on it and like olive oil delicious so Chloe and I are getting ready to go over to my parents house right now to watch some fireworks across the water because it is the fourth of July so to all you Americans out there and anybody else celebrating the fourth of July I hope that you find a sweet place to watch some fireworks spend some time with some loved ones and as always let’s keep getting better together thank you Paul..

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