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body cleansing is easy with Herbalife cleansers

Take yourself beyond clean.

Make your choice and indulge your body.

beauty producrs for cleansing your skin

Body Bar – An alternative to the ‘Body Wash’
(Reference # 0341)

Dive into sublime purity and experience lather as rich as nature’s sea foam.

(2 bars 100 gm net wt. each).

body bars - an alternative to the herbal body wash

Price: Discontinued


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Body Wash – For bath or shower
(Reference # 0340)

Herbal aloe body wash - For bath or shower

A clean feeling washes over you in waves when you indulge in our luxurious Body Wash.


Price: Discontinued  

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Fragrant Body Powder
Leaves you smelling clean and wonderful
(Reference # 0429)

A delicate sprinkling of this powder will give you a feeling of true well being and leave you smelling clean and wonderful.


Fragant body powder - talc

Price: Discontinued

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