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You won't feel tired when using Herbalife supplements

“Need an extra boost ?”

energy supplements


Are you – in need of a vitality boost ?
lethargic through lack of exercise ?
always tired due to excess body weight ?
stressed and overworked ?

Remember -  exercise is important whether you are following a weight control programme or not.

The body is designed for movement, muscles need to be used or they just become extra expanses where fat can hide and take over.

NRG Natures Raw Guarana
Provides a natural energetic feeling 
(Reference # 0124)



The high-powered qualities of Guarana have been captured to enhance performance and give you a natural lift during the day.

(60 tablets).

NRG - sports supplement made from guarana

Price: �15.18  Add NRG to the shopping basket

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Thermojetics Herbal Beverage
Can aid ‘body shaping’ – Compliments your weight management programme

(Reference # 0105)

A refreshing herbal beverage combining ancient herbal wisdom with modern day ingenuity to provide a revitalizing drink. Calorie reduced and available in four delicious flavours. Lemon, Raspberry, Peach and Original.

& (100gm)

Thermojetics herbal beverage

Price: �17.82
OR �31.28 (100g)

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Protein Bars – box of 14 bars 
(Reference # 0258-0260)

Herbalife protein bars

Nutritionally balanced nutrient-rich snack designed to help you keep going between meals. Approximately 140 calories per bar and available in 3 delicious flavours. Vanilla Almond, Chocolate Peanut and Citrus Lemon.
Price: �10.24

Choose Flavour :-

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Tang Kuei – Superior nutritional tonic 
(Reference # 0003)

Specially formulated to help with the challenges associated with strenuous physical exercise and for women of childbearing age. The combination of Tang Kuei (Dong Quai) and Chamomile help assist in balancing the body’s systems.

(60 tablets).

Tang Kuei

Price: �12.21

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Shizandra Plus  – (Reference # 0022)

Shizandra plus herbal sports supplement

Antioxidant formula using high quality Schizandra Berry concentrate. Also includes Vitamin E, Selenium and an oil soluble form of Vitamin C.

(60 tablets).

Price: �16.48  Add shizandra plus to the shopping basket

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Male Factor 1000 – Exclusively for men
(Reference # 0024)

Specially developed in Switzerland as an herbal tonic for men. The powerful properties of Avena Sativa, Nettle and Ginseng have been selected to enhance performance and restore natural balance.

(60 capsules).

Male factor 1000 herbal tonic for men

Price: �33.93

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