supplements to help have a health heart Herbal supplements supplements that contain vitamins and minerals

Nutritional insurance for your heart - Herbalife supplements to help have a healthier heart

supplements to help a healthy heart

supplements to help keep your cardiovascular system healthy

Is there a connection between good nutrition & health ?

…..Experts say so !
They say that life expectancy is increasing but health challenges of heart disease, high blood pressure, smoking etc. are now occuring at younger and younger ages.

…..Whats the answer ?
The answer is – effective weight management (through diet and exercise)and nutritional supplementation.

Marine food is rich in Omega-3 essential fatty acids which are vital for the proper function of the heart circulation and to help maintain supple joints.

The body cannot manufacture omega-3 essential fatty acids itself so the MUST be obtained from our diet.

Xtra-Cal – Calcium for strong healthy bones
(Reference # 0020)



Contains the most concentrated form of calcium available in a tablet, along with other nutrients, which contribute to the nourishment of the skeleton. A useful product, which can assist in the prevention of osteoporosis.

(90 tablets)

Xtra Cal for healthy bones

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Formula 4 -  Great For cheaters 
Extra help with weight loss –
(Reference # 0112)

Lose your excess fat with formula 4 - can help to maintain a health heart

Contains a unique blend of active fibre to maintain the process of elimination and a liquid emulsifier to break down fats. The combined action helps to improve the transportation of unwanted fats from the body.

(90 tablets)

Price: �22.10 Add formula 4 to the shopping basket

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Herbalifeline – Maintain a healthy heart
(Reference # 0065)

Formulated with Omega 3 EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids), Vitamin E and Selenium to help maintain supple joints, support proper function of the heart and circulation.

(90 capsules)

Herballifeline - formulated to help keep your heart healthy

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