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*  Helps support the natural function of
     the heart and circulation
*  Supports the immune system
*  Helps maintain supple joints

*  Contains Omega-3 Essential fatty Acids
*  Contains Vitamin E and Selenium

Herbalifeline is a marine lipid complex (fish oil) supplement which enables you to benefit from the fruits of the sea. It is formulated to help maintain supple joints, support the natural function of the heart and circulation, while the antioxidant ingredients help to support the immune system.

   Direction for using Herbalifeline

One to three capsules, three times a day preferably with meals, as a nutritional supplement.

   Herbalifeline is

Cruelty Free.
   Each capsule contains
500mg Marine Lipid Complex, 25mg.Vitamin E (combined in a base of Wheat germ Oil).

   This product has a
30 Day No Quibble Guarantee. Click Here for more info.

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