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Herbalife supplements

Herbalife supplements for healthy bones

your bones

nutrition for bones

you concerned about osteoporosis (brittle bone

It is possible,
particularly with women, that by the time you
are 50, you may have lost 25% bone mass due to

To become less
susceptible to osteoporosis, it is recommended
to :-

reduce protein in the diet to 40g a day,
cut down coffee intake to 2 cups a day, 
exercise for 20 minutes every other day,
ensure calcium intake is adequate (at least
800mg daily).

XTRA-CAL – Calcium for strong healthy bones
(Reference # 0020)



the most concentrated form of calcium
available in a tablet, along with other
nutrients, which contribute to the nourishment
of the skeleton. A useful product, which can
assist in the prevention of osteoporosis

(90 tablets)

Xtra Cal - supplement for healthy bones

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